What will happen after my item is purchased?

When your item is purchased, you get a notice and arrange to ship this item to the buyer. You can check this deal’s status by going “INBOX” tab (at the bottom of the screen) > “My Selling” in the app.


You also receive an email with a shipping label after your item is purchased (You must select our shipping label plan when you list your item). Just attach your shipping label on a package and drop it off in a mailbox or bring them to the post office.


Once you ship the item, you MUST tap “SHIPPING NOTIFICATION” button in the app. In order to get a tracking information, you may use our shipping label plan or ship by USPS Tracking by yourself.


A trackable delivery is required because if a buyer claims that he or she dose not receive a package, we only have to believe it, then this deal is canceled. If you don’t ship the item to the buyer within one week, this deal is canceled. After a buyer receives the item and taps “RECEIVING NOTIFICATION”, this deal is done.


If a buyer realizes that an item does not match the description or is fake or faulty, he or she can hold on the payment. You may check the “ENVIE Buyer Protection“.