Deal Process for Buyers

Once you purchase a item, you get a notice that the item is arranged to be shipped. You can check this deal’s status by going your “INBOX” tab (at the bottom of the screen) > My Purchases.


If the item your order is not shipped by the seller within one week, this deal is canceled and we refund your payment and credits.


After the item is shipped, you also get a notice. Once you receive the item and there is no problem, you MUST tap “RECEIVING NOTIFICATION” button in the app.


If you realize that the item does not match the description or is fake or faulty, do NOT tap the button and contact ENVIE Support within 3 days of a delivery so we can place a hold on the payment. You may check the “ENVIE Buyer Protection“.


ENVIE Buyer Protection does not cover trades or any transaction completed off of the ENVIE platform. You bear all risks associated with any trades and offline transaction.