Credits on ENVIE are like a coupon to discount original price of an item.

Your credits will be expired after 3 months since you earned or spent credits last time.


How Can I Earn Credits?

There are 2 ways to earn your credits.


1. One is that you may invite your friends to ENVIE. You go to your ACCOUNT tab and Invite Friends, then tap “INVITE YOUR FRIENDS” and share your CODE through social network services.

When your friends enter CODE after signing up and phone number verification, you earn a $ 5 shipping credit and your friend also earns a $ 5 credit.

You can earn five times by inviting your friends which means that you can earn a $ 25 shopping credit at most.


2. Another way to earn your credits is that you may transfer from your sales. When you sell and deliver a item, you get sales in the app. You must transfer your sales to credits or bank account. You can check your sales in the app by going your ACCOUNT tab and Sales Balance.


How Can I Use Credits?

When you make a purchase, you can use credits to discount original price. You may tap “Credits” in checkout screen, then input how much you would like to redeem.