ENVIE supports a selling of preloved brand kids clothing and shoes. Please only list items that you would be happy purchasing yourself.

Items that violate our accepted policy will be removed without correspondence to sellers. Please review our listing guideline to show both accepted and unaccepted items below :


Acceptable Items :

– Brand-name kids clothes
– Brand-name kids shoes


Unacceptable Items :

– Items with no accurate description
– Items with sever damage
– Adult women’s clothing or shoes
– Lingerie
– Adult men’s clothing or shoes
– Electronics
– Cosmetics, perfume and beauty products

※ You can not list the same item in one category.


Counterfeit Items :

It is prohibited to sell on ENVIE any fake, faulty, immoral or falsely advertised items, such as replica, counterfeit, knock-off items or other items that bear a manufacturer’s official brand or logo that were not lawfully made by. Any such items uploaded or sold will either be removed or canceled without notification to the seller.

If a buyer purchases, receives, and reports a fake, faulty, or falsely advertised item, the seller will be required to not only accept the return, but will also be responsible for the return cost of shipping.


Prohibited Deals :

– A deal that an item is sent to the same address or nonexistent address
– A deal with no or wrong tracking information (tracking status must be “Delivered”)


What Photos Can I Use for My Listings?

All sellers are required to use their own photos of the item they are selling. This sets proper expectations for all potential buyers because it allows them to see exactly what item is being sold and its current condition. In addition, uploading copyrighted photos from other sites is against our policy.